Air Force 2021 – Centenary of Air Force

On 31 March 2021, the Royal Australian Air Force will mark 100 years as an independent service. This will be an important time to reflect on our enduring contribution to Australia's national security.

In 2021, Air Force will reach out to the Australian nation with an exciting program of carefully selected events and initiatives. There will be a specific focus on youth engagement. Our campaign will:

• honour the service and sacrifices of our people during the last 100 years,
• engage the Australian community and demonstrate today’s highly capable force, and
• inspire young Australians to consider a career in Air Force or the aviation industry.

Planning for the centenary is well underway. Air Force is assessing all potential activities against our key criteria: safety, value for money and achieving maximum effect. 

What’s next?

Our next steps in planning for 2021 will be:

• Exploring options for Youth Engagement activities,
• Continuing discussions with Defence industry regarding potential partnering for some initiatives,
• Meeting State and Territory Government tourism and major events agencies to discuss options for Air Force involvement in significant public events during 2021, and
• Developing options for local activities at RAAF bases.   

Air Force has come a long way in the first 100 years. Imagine what the next century will bring!

Stay updated

To connect with the centenary planning team and receive our updates: email:  RAAF.2021 [at]